Our business was established in 1975 initially involved in refurbishment existing and renovating. We have progressed from these early beginnings through 'one-off' house construction, large local authority housing projects, commercial buildings, offices, shops and industrial building projects to where we are today covering all aspects of construction. We are also involved in private housing development with multiple house projects constructed for sale on the open market. We specialise in the construction of 'one-off' prestigious houses built to order, contracted or sold as completed dwellings.

In 1980 we added REMEDIAL to our portfolio. REMEDIAL is our registered trade name for damp proofing, woodworm and dry rot control business. In 2005, we extended our business to include ECO-TANKS Sewage Treatment Systems. We are members of NHBC and Federation of Master Builders

These sewage treatment systems are also known as package treatment plants, wastewater treatment systems, bio tanks and effluent treatment systems.
We also specialise in rainwater harvesting systems.