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  ECO-TANKS sewage treatment systems  

systems are suitable for

  • Sinlge houses
  • Large multi-house developments
  • Hotels
  • Guesthouses
  • Caravan parks
  • Industrial Premises

Designed for use in situations where septic tanks are not acceptable, the effluent treatment system has a number of advantages over its rivals.

  • Full treatment in one tank
  • No need for primary tanks or grease traps
  • Capable of handling shock loading with ease
  • Fibreglass composite construction
  • Good failsafe protection
  • Low operational costs
  • Low maintenance

effluent treatment systems offer a highly efficient solution to house situated problematic areas. Designed for use in areas where conventional septic tanks are not up to the job, are made to handle a wide range from domestic houses to hotels.

As well as the tank size itself, the internal workings of an are also designed to handle loads, which would otherwise cause problems in effluent treatment systems. The unit contains a plastic bio-media. For every cubic metre of media, there are 200 square metres of growing area for the micro-organisms.

If you have any queries about effluent treatment systems or require details on any of the following systems

  • Standard Aerated System
  • Pumped Effluent Systems
  • Licence Applications
  • Planning Applications.

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effluent treatment systems are designed and manufactured by JF Mouldings Ltd.

Through our friendly and personalised service we can assist you with planning applications, discharge licence applications and effluent analysis to the latest planning and regulatory requirements.

Our aim is to provide you with a worry free and maintenance free solution to your effluent treatment needs.





Total Capacity 4200 litres
Primary Settlement Chamber 2220 litres
Filter Chamber 1610 litres
Final Settlement Chamber 370 litres
Maximum number of full-time residents 7 PE
O/A Height 2300mm
O/A Length 3010mm
O/A Width 1400mm
Weight (empty) 400kg
Design flow rate 1026m3/day
BOD Load 0.450kg/day
Ground Level to inlet invert level 600mm
Inlet invert to base 1700mm
Outlet invert base 1600mm
Motor rating (air compressor) 80 watts
Design flow (air compressor) 80 1/min
Filter media surface area/volume 200m2/m3
De-sludge period 1-1.5 year
Thickness 6mm minimum
Retention time (for maximum loading) 72 hours
pH 6-9
BOD < 20mg/1
Suspended solids < 30mg/1
If higher efficiency level is required i.e. 5/5, we also supply reed bed to bring to this standard.
Ammonia < 20mg/1

Advantages of installing an

  • 25 year guarantee on tank
  • No maintenance contracts
  • No additional manholes

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Fax: (028) 9447 2856
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