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Damp buildings, if ignored, can become a great problem. Often the small patch of damp which may be dismissed as ‘not worth bothering about’ may be the beginning of a greater problem. Damp is a threat to the structure of a building and to timber, furnishings, decorations and all contents of a building if not checked. It will also eventually adversely affect the health of persons using such a building. So you may agree dampness is not to be dismissed lightly.


Our engineers who are qualified and experienced personnel will survey the property with the aid of electronic equipment and issue a report and estimate if REMEDIAL treatment is required. This survey is carried out FREE of charge and without obligation.


Dampness falls into two main categories – Rising Damp and Penetrating Damp (Rain).

For Rising Damp the technique consists of the injection of chemical resin into the masonry at the base of the wall which on reaction with the dampness forms a continuous waterproof barrier against rising damp.

For Penetrating Damp the technique consists of surface treatment varying according to the extent of the problem.

All work carried out by fully trained operatives and carries a guarantee.

Other services available:

  • Woodworm eradication
  • Dry rot control
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